Bollywood Princess by Christine D'Sylva

Bollywood Princess
Bollywood Princess
by Christine D'Sylva 

Fiction, English
Paperback, 287 Pages, 267 gms

Price: Rs 300/- or US $10

Sonia Thakur, stunningly beautiful, immoral and driven by ambition rises to become one of Bollywood’s leading stars.

Nisha, a scribe and crusader who believes her pen will bring about radical changes in the Indian societal mindset. Their two lives entwine with handsome charismatic Akash Ahuja, (The Black Panther) and his magnetic nephew Ritesh, a real estate magnate.

Winning and sinning is the name of the game as the characters seek wealth, fame and happiness.

From Dubai to Delhi and Mumbai the novel races through these cosmopolitan cities to end with an exciting climax.

This journey of entwined lives reflects the face of modern India and showcases the lives of the rich and famous while highlighting the need to address Indian societal problems.

Will Sonia find true love in her enviable glamorous life or will the hands of fate decry otherwise?

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Bollywood Princess