It All Started When I Logged In by Suruchi Roy

It All Started When I Logged In
It All Started When I Logged In
by Suruchi Roy 

Fiction, English
Paperback, 208 Pages, 176 gms
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Every girl wishes to fall in love… all that you need to do isidentify the sparkle in their eyes and the smile in their face when they think about their dream boy. Some tries to find love in their best friend and some loves their parents more. For some love is hatred and for some this is something you cannot live without. One way or the other its only love that revolves in their mind and everyone falls for it and Asmi was no exception.

She was a sweet girl born and brought up in a middle class family in a small town of Jamshedpur who knew her limitations but got drifted away as soon as she made her orkut account. Just like every other teenager she felt lonely and the only solution to it was her broadband connection.

She eventually fell for a guy named Ayan and as the time passed by their relationship intensified. She went through all odds of her life to finally unfurl what was there in the womb of nature.

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It All Started When I Logged In


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