Love Is a Necessary Evil by Tashin Reza

Love Is a Necessary Evil
Love Is a Necessary Evil
by Tashin Reza 

Fiction, English
Paperback, 80 Pages, 84 gms
About: love, necessary, evil, tahsin, raja

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One December evening Rehan sees Isha just across his house. In few days, he manages to emerge in a one-sided love relation with Isha. He succeeds in getting hold of her mobile number and makes friendship with her. Within a few days, they bond into a deep relationship. Later their relationship takes a ‘U’ turn with the entry of Rohit in Isha’s life.

Who will be the one to get Isha? Her first love Rehan or her second love Rohit. To unveil the truth about the ‘U’ turn and effect of the ‘U’ turn in Rehan’s life you have to read  Love Is a Necessary Evil……..

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