Quest by Aniruddha Bose, Translated by Anwesa Sengupta

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by Aniruddha Bose  , Translated by Anwesa Sengupta

Fiction(Translation), English
Paperback, 176 Pages, 171 gms
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It is a small expression, but with an insightful depth. It means a search for something. For what and why? The greatest riddle of all is who is searching? Is it you, the eternal human crave or me? A longing to find the meaning of love, life and our existence.

This short novella by Aniruddha Bose examines the answer to this conundrum.

Revolving round the affluent and upper middle class milieu of the urbanized society, the characters of this novel are all pawns in the game of life. Tossing up and down through their profits and losses, accomplishments and failures, love and hatred, desire and denial, they all pass through this enigma of life. The truth they discover is life is nothing but a Venn Diagram an array of intersecting circles of relations, which includes its slices, but never its whole.

We believe erroneously in relationships. We have an elusive image of our existence. Only a few chosen can comprehend that our life is nothing but a part of a greater nullity.

The ultimate truth is that we live alone in our ‘home’ in solitude and die alone in it.

Anwesa Sengupta


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Is love always a conflict and what could be taken as a base of humanity?

In Quest the author has wandered in search of humanity.
In this novel the dominant characters have moved around two central characters - Animesh and Anwesha, throughout the storyline and all the characters have been skillfully crashed, interwoven and thrown into the vortex of challenging modern life, where ceremony of innocence got drowned, the best lacked all convictions. All the characters representing middle and upper class middle families, with full of passionate intensity, have engaged themselves in search of identity to make life passionately meaningful and still more challenging. Thin inner selves have intense craving for freedom for which they subject themselves to prevailing and enchanting calls of the passing days - full of ruling interest. Thus, the dominant characters always have been under the pressure of circumstances forced upon them and each character depicted upon its epoch and not upon its own nature.

Does it mean that there is otherwise known human nature?
The author covertly puts up a valid and relevant question - does a person, at all have a foundation of his own, solid and trustworthy, which could be taken as a base of humanity? The answer to this pertinent question, the author has thrown to the readers to decide. The Quest has through the events established, that love is always a conflict and conflict stands valid because lovers could always be withdrawn. When one wants to free himself from the whole of the other, but other is always trying to free himself from the hold of the other, that there is always trying to free himself from him. One has to go well in the heart of it to fish out, what life in particular or general stands for. The author's role in characterization of the dominant players in this novel has not been established in bad faith. The contingency of ongoing human existence has freed the very root of this novel, where-in sex played a predominant role and aspiration, in ascending order strived for attending the myriad of lustful life. The author thus has wanted to discover the essentials of relationship and draws the readers to be a part of his quest, which perhaps would never end in anything, but in love, beyond all measures of marital computation.

Initially the orthodox leaders would term Quest - a lewd literature but would eventually start mending opinion when they would be driven search into their souls. As a fiction writer, the author in a broader spectrum of human existence, has investigated that life and reality-in-self, are a mystery that is not explicable in terms of relationship, where violating and impulsive forces shape the destiny of each character, but ultimately to prove that technical achievement would be measured by the degree in which the actions of human being are governed by compassion and love, not by greed, lust and aggressiveness. The author in this novel has made a mark of the spots of time, with distinct preeminence has retained in renovating virtue backed by spirituality.

The Quest is highly expository and critical to point out of problems of modern life and the author knows it very well that as a novelist his prime duty is to only expose and not much more than that. The conflicted characters are daringly living in their interrelated domains and each character interestingly has sight, sound and smell, which are the basics in exercise of their potent cry for freedom, though that is always a distant dream since human beings are always enmeshed in the web of uncertainty.

In this novel the author has made a grand tour of Indian mind and as a writer of his own age, has counted heavily the suffocating human existence, which has been penetrating the society as a whole, but finally he could undo the veil, to also reveal the essence of life and that essence is all pervading. In this area he is not evasive of his responsibility. The Quest confirms unending journey of human life, with hope to ultimately realize that the family is not always only ones flesh and blood, but the climate of the heart and the relationships are always extension of the essence of life that would have attained, only when flesh and blood add protein to the pulsating heart.

-by Amiya Banerjee, Author & Book Critic

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Quest: Aniruddha Bose

‘Quest’, Aniruddha Bose’s first Bengali novel translated in English by Anwesa Sengupta and Aniruddha Bose the pursuit for a true abode is successful in portraying the predicament of contemporary Indian culture demactions and marches to the strange world of mysticism while extremely cogently illustrating human estrangemen fresh developments everyday.

This squat parable orbit around the well­ off and upper middle class scene of the developed social order with the home in a chalk and cheese light, as well as pretty clearly recounts human affiliation fertile enough to carry on irrespective of their societal status and natal bond with a special perforate waiting to be set on by a reader’s min to this puzzle.

Even though every now and then overt, the writer attempts to seep out the central human response to the tremble affairs of today’s world with the firm metaphors of human conduct in certain condions possibly will raise manifesting mind with the response to these queries are also extremely intensely pictured in this work of fiction.

This engrossing book is not restricted to the tale of a lady and the impact of western way of life on Indian culture readers possibly will sense that way with universality is the larger premise of this creation, which is conspicuous through.

Tossing up and down through their profits and losses, achievements and disappointments, adore and abhorrence denunciation, they all go in the course of this riddle of existence with the reality they find out is time is nothing assortment of interconnecting loop of affairs, which takes it in sliver, but certainly not in one piece.

We accept as true speciously in relations but we boast of a hard to pin down reflection of our way of life where j figure out that our existence is nothing but a fraction of a bigger voidness with the eventual fact is that we brea abode in loneliness and breathe our last by ourselves in it.

The well developed and very relatable characters of this narrative are all wagers in the fixture of verve with so m certainly not come across depicted in characters and panoramas were drawn coherently in this volume with the characters is incredibly dramatic and we become conscious that a few human qualities sadly do not vary and tha that different.

The whole thing is so delightfully written here which has all the elements essential to formulate a fascinating dramatic character starts off black or white, other than in the conclusion, all that are left are hues of grey with the incongruosly the astringent saccharine sonata of being, with the manner passions appear to go up in importance at times and off to nothing, of how belief is ruptured, and how individuals descend in and out of love.

The account is finely paced for most part of the paperback, well written book as well as very exciting on the humour wonderful stuffing which is appealing, believable and capricious, perhaps a few of the state of affairs in the rese manner we glance at existence, or our behaviour but the response of the characters to the diverse struggles the human and so familiar to us all.

The words, the composition, the effortless patent splendour of it are poignant with the style is secular and sad w the sequence of events with the streams can cleanse us away in its firm, engaging currents while the analogies words every feeling in this volume, is a potent mechanism that patches up one's mind in an outgiving manner.

This emotions towards the conclusion of the volume were well written with a story as regards adore, wishes, obcession, dreams, associations and desire and at end candour, truth and errands and is an ought to be interpret for anyone comprehend on human relationships as the characters give way to sentiments that are prevailing in humans.

The title in all its whole can't sum up the entire fairy­tale, not even the quintessence of it save for, it does guide exquisiteness in the chronicle, and the writer doesn't let down you with an astute intensity that means a hunt fo discover the meaning of adore, existence and our way of life.

-by Kalyan Panja | 14-Jan-2015


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