Pritam Banerjee

Pritam Banerjee

Pritam Banerjee

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Pritam Banerjee is 20 years old, born on 3rd July, 1993. He lives in Kolkata with his parents and currently he is in second year pursuing BTech in Aeronautical Engineering from The Aeronautical Society of India (AeSI). Being a successful person, a writer and a musician are few of his dreams.

He is a voracious reader. He loves cooking. Paneer makhani and murg masala korma are his speciality dishes. Listening to old Hindi songs, reading love stories and playing mobile games are his favourite free timework. He is also a musician (Bisharad in Tabla) from Lucknow gharana, a cricketer and a quizzard. I, Me & Her Forever is his debut novel.

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You can follow him on Twitter@banerjee1993 and also on WeChat. His WeChat id is iampritam1993

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