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Jayeeta Ganguly is a journalist-turned-freelancer-turned-author, who started her career way back in 1999. In the span on nine years (1999-2007), Jayeeta had the privilege to work with some of the best media houses in the country including Asian News International (ANI), The Telegraph and The Times of India. She left her job with The Calcutta Times in December 2007, primarily to dedicate her time to her dream project —Just Another Fan!(JAF!).
In between researching and writing this‘straight-from-the-heart’ novel, Jayeeta started working as a freelancer from August 2008, concentrating on features and content writing, copy-editing, and so on. An avid believer in the ‘never-give-up’ quality of the human spirit, Jayeeta likes to dream with her eyes wide open and covers those extra miles to make them come true.
Jayeeta holds a masters degree in English from Annamalai University and a post-graduate diploma in Journalism from Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan. She completed her BA in English from Lady Shri Ram College for Women, New Delhi. She was a student of The Assembly of God Church School, Park Street, Kolkata till Class XII.

At present, Jayeeta is based in Kolkata. You can interact with her by sending her e-mails at jg25@rediffmail.com. She is also available on Orkut and Facebook.

Publications of Jayeeta Ganguly:

Just Another Fan!


Its not over until I win!

Just Another Fan, is a journey full of excitement.

It is everybody's story, either chasing a dream, ambition or a person.

How many times have been told that you have missed your opportunity, and how many of us have given up?

The very phrase “you have missed your chances” have been proven wrong…. Joyi has documented the experience which we seldom have words to express.

Thanks Joyi, you have really reignited my passion to chase and achieve my dreams! And as they now say if its not happy, its no the end.

-by Naveen Pai

 You are never given a wish without being given the power to make it come true.....so chase your dream with sincerity

JAF !or Just Another Fan ! is all about dreams narrated by Jayeeta with utmost finesse.
In her unique and marvelous way, Jayeeta shares her own story with humor and honesty, her elegant simplicity is inspiring, indeed.

What I am certain of, however, is that Jayeeta's writing is beyond amazing! I mean, her imagination for one will leave you completely stunned as you feel you're constantly in a dream state while reading.

In a nutshell this book is about sincere dreamers who see things in the soft haze of a spring day or in the red fire of a long winter's evening. Some of us let these great dreams die, but others nourish and protect them; nurse them through bad days till they bring them to the sunshine and light which comes always to those who sincerely hope that their dreams will come true.

JAF is reflections of a searching soul though insanely but divinely inspired and makes you believe that you are never given a wish without being given the power to make it come true.

JAF sends a strong message to it readers (dreamers):
“Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe.There is no chance, no destiny, no fate, that can circumvent or hinder or control the firm resolve of a determined soul.”

This book will hit you emotionally and ignite that fire within you, even more, because it is a real and an exceptionally portrayed story of its kind about dreams & its sincere quest & realization. I loved this book !!! 

-by Md. Irshad Alam

 Another fan of JAF

JAF! And that’s exactly what I am to the author of this book. The book is all about dreaming and dreaming big irrespective of the limitations and ultimate chase. A simple story of a simple fan can be so simply grand an experience is what JAF evokes.

The book is simply awesome; more so to me because it talks of things that are not out of the world, not exceptional, nothing that is out there; but it is all about something or the other I resemble to, I recognize with and I believe in, myself. It’s everyone of ours’ story and not of any particular character. Putting me in place of the fan in the book is nothing unimaginable for me; just the difference would have been the ample amount of dedication in the other one. In the course of the book we tend to forget that we are reading someone else’s experience and we tend to identify with the protagonist.

This is one of the most inspiring, motivating and realistic books of all the books I have ever read.

I am privileged to know the author myself. I have learnt a lot from her. Believing in one’s self is something I re-learnt from this book of hers. Being a media student, being a part of media for sometime now and also in academics, I would love if this is used as an subtext for any media course curriculum, and I know and I believe it would be beneficial. 

-by Payel Chakrabarti

 “Finally, there's no iron gate between us.' - JAF....Us & the dream. JAF is all about dreams & its honest pursuit & realization”

This book is about each one of us, the honest dreamer that resides in us and how one can realize it if one truly believes in it. Jayeeta has truly brought about the philosophy that one needs to be sincere towards one's emotions related to one's dreams to make it all possible. An excellent portrayal of complete commitment, which is the key to achieving success. The narration has elegant simplicity and events flow freely. The story has relevance to each one of us, to learn from.

In my opinion, Imran, the hero of Jayeeta is only symbolic of an inspiration that we may look for, or already have. This book, in essence, is about the dreamer and the believer in us, the dedicated pursuit of the same and leaving no stone unturned to finally achieve them. Its all about the power of dreams. I will highly recommend this book to anyone who is looking for quality with a difference, where we can relate to days when dreams were not defined as 'impossible' in our vocabulary, and to review our present attitude towards achieving one's honest dreams. Sincere dreams are realizable, however crazy it may seem. Its a strange fact, but we are all aware that the best of dreams that were ever achieved in this world we live in, were considered crazy till it was made possible. Jayeeta has portrayed that with utmost finesse.

And I love the lines: 'You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one,' just like Jayeeta does. Faith can move mountains, indeed. Her book makes me want to believe in my dreams, even more, because it is a real and one of its kind story of success after the dream. 

-by Tabish Azmi

Just Another Fan is not Just Another Book

JAF!or Just Another Fan! is not Just Another Book....that you would come across at the book store every other day.....JAF! is a book that will take many of us back to our days of youth, enthusiasm and idealism, back to those days when the realities of the world had not made cynics of us, when we still believed in our dreams and in miracles being possible.
JAF!is about believing in one's dreams, its about not taking NO for an answer. It has the power to make you want to believe in all that you thought was important but got laid by the wayside because other 'more' important things came up in life.

Written in a refreshing style of first person, with loads of soliloquays, the language is easy and flows freely. At places the pace slows down must most of the time you would want to turn the page to read what unfolds next.

After the Alchemist, this is another book that has made me believe in the power of believing in one's dreams, in the power of not giving up.....kudos Jayeeta for having the guts to be honest and having the courage to do what you have done......read the book if you want to relive your days of madness when you thought anything was possible and that the sky was the limit.

-by Sonali Mukherjee

 If you dare to dream...

“Who wants to read about a cricketer from Pakistan - long past his sell by date”, was my first thought as I thumbed through this book. But on impulse I decided to read a few lines. What struck me immediately was the language - not complex nor banal - it was the language of a young girl baring her inner emotions. JAF as it seems this book is fondly called is not just a story of an young girl's obsession with a cricketer(how many times have we heard of that), nor is it about raging hormones that makes a young girl coming of age, obsess about the 'big boy that played as much off the field as on'.

It is a story that all of us who can recall being young can read and smile about. It is a book that every guy or girl who has ever been infatuated with a celebrity can read about and sigh. However herein lies the difference between us and Jayeeta. We obsessed, we dreamt, we fantasised and then we grew up. Jayeeta dreamt, she obsessed but - used it to shape her life. In her obsession, you see a little girl growing up, her inner turmoil and slowly but surely shaping her destiny.

If you can recall your childhood, read JAF - read it curled up in blanket on Sunday afternoon or on the window seat on a rainy day and go back in time to the 'best days of your life' 

-by Rahul Banerji

Just Another Fan...grab a copy as it guarantees a smile

Curious!! that was the instant feeling when I got news that someone has written Just Another Fan!..the bottom line here is... it was on a certain Imran Khan....n surprise surprise this girl is not from Lahore or London, but belongs to Calcutta. So the curiosity level increases. Well but then what's so surprising, isn't he the man, who belongs to the entire sub-continent if not the entire world. Imran Khan is beyond borders, Period ! Even his harshest critics hesitantly nod in agreement, when Mr. Khan is credited for bringing women to the cricket stadium. Aah now what force pulled them like a magnet to cricket is of course another story. Was his fast bowling or the way his hair waved against the breeze everytime he took the run up.

Without blowing my own trumpets, yours truly considers herself if not the biggest but a worthy fan of Imran Khan, so I was eager to get hold of JAF to find out, who has surpassed me in the 'fan business'.
Coming to JAF!, in simple words, it is "straight from the heart' (just like a clean straight drive on cricketing terms) and something that is born from love and admiration. And anything that is a heart's calling, is certainly beautiful and touching. JAF! is no different. Yet JAF! is not just about adulation it also narrates a tale of determination. It provides that elusive yet assuring space where dreams reside and without screaming it simply whispers ...'Dream on..you won't regret'. At least breathe some life in your dreams and leave the rest to the 'Power' there.

 So there is this girl, who like a million others is a crazy fan of Imran Khan. We the children of the 1980s were perhaps born to fall for this cricketer, well no exaggerations here, in that decade he was most girls' dream guy and u can well imagine how the clichés are attached with the term 'fan frenzy' cynics may call it silly but we loved pampering our feelings for Imran. His posters adorned our walls, our hearts went on a marathon spree the moment, the moment we saw him on television or while flipping through a magazine. We hated his opponents and prayed for his victory. Yes we did indulge in everything that crazy fans are supposed to do, isn't it? What sets Jayeeta apart is that, she did all this, but then she did a lot more. 

Imran became an inspiration for her and she channelised her hero worshipping in a constructive way.

 His shadow loomed large in her career decision, when she met with failure she relied on him for inspiration. She learnt a lesson or two from his  leadership quality, from his skills on crisis management. So while Imran is the metaphor, JAF narrates an interesting story, about a girl who while taking the challenges of life, didn't allow her dream to fade. In fact she did a brilliant balancing act between them.... dreams and reality.The story starts on an interesting note and continues on that pace, the author's expectations, her vulnerability, disappointments ...the climax ( I won't reveal a word about it... u must read JAF! to know) actually I was a nervous wreck reading that part.
I am no stamp of authority but I must admit, the book's cover design could have been better, while the concept was pretty good, it could have been executed in a different way. The editing could have been just a little tight.

Having said that Just Another Fan! merits a read, even if you are not an Imran Khan fan, the fluid style, the personal touch and the casual story telling will manage to keep your attention. As for JayeetaGanguly, she is not just another fan, she is a special fan rather she is the Chosen One.

-by Shagufta Kalim

Most of us have at some point in our lifetime been a 'fan' of one celebrity or another

Most of us have at some point in our lifetime been a ‘fan’ of one celebrity or another. It could be a movie star, a musician, a sportsperson, or even a political figure. But very few of us have stayed loyal to our idol over the years, let alone decades! Even fewer are the numbers of ‘fans’ who have been inspired by their idols to strive for success in every phase of life. This is what I believe lends Just Another Fan! its distinct flair.

During the process of editing the book, I began to identify with many of the situations that Jayeeta had to face. It made me realise that we have much more in common with one another than I ever knew. For me, a flowing narrative and the ‘from-the-heart’ tone of the book enhanced its appeal.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I’ve enjoyed editing it!

-by Chandana Nayak Shenoy, Editor, Just Another Fan!

Every sentence is from her soul, bringing every scene alive to the reader's eyes

I’m a fan of Jayeeta Ganguly. Not only has she inspired me to follow my dream of becoming a writer, but she’s also written a book that somehow took me back to my childhood. My idol wasn’t Imran Khan. I was hopelessly obsessed with Saurav Ganguly. Just Another Fan!(JAF!) takes me back to those days when his posters decorated my walls and his every match left me wanting more. I wish I had tried to meet him. Unfortunately, the closest I got was too many yards away from him at Eden Gardens. When I was reading JAF! for the first time, I found the little girl’s enthusiasm and persistence, a motivator.

When Jayeeta and I met three years ago, we spoke about journalism and writing. We talked of our days at The Telegraph. One thing we never talked about was her childhood. Or even her love for Imran Khan. We didn’t need to. The powerful narration in JAF! brought me closer to my new friend. A few chapters into the story, I felt like I’d known Jayeeta since childhood. Every sentence is from her soul, bringing every scene alive to the reader’s eyes. Strangely, JAF! changes the general notion of a die-hard fan being crazy. Instead, the book emphasizes the relevance of dreams and idols in everybody’s lives.

Meet a girl who dreams just like you and me. Join her on her journey, while she faces obstacle after obstacle but never gives up. Read on… to find yourself in JAF!

-by Sue Ghosh, Author, My Mother & Them


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