Ashis Kumar Chatterjee

Ashis Kumar Chatterjee

Ashis Kumar Chatterjee

Ex-Senior Deputy Director (Medical & Health Services)
Durgapur Steel Plant Hospital

Phone : +91 94340 15454

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Dr Asis Chatterjee is a multi-faceted personality. Apart from being a successful Gynaecologist by profession, he is gifted with diverse talents.

Brought up in the industrial city of Durgapur, West Bengal, he studied Medicine at Calcutta Medical College. After completion of his studies he returned to his roots in Durgapur and spent his professional tenure as a Gynaecologist in Durgapur Steel Plant Hospital.

Apart from being a very popular and highly successful Gynaecologist, he is a well-known photographer, blogger, novelist, poet, and short story writer. But his most significant attribute is his thirst for knowledge of his own country, culture and people. This thirst has coxswained him to travel extensively both within and outside his state and country. He is considered an expert on Bengal temples due to his widespread knowledge on this subject, which he acquired mostly by visiting and photographing the temples in almost every nook and corner of West Bengal.

An ardent lover of the Himalayas, he likes to travel to the Himalayas whenever he can manage a little time in his busy schedule. He is also a serious student of Indian scriptures like Upanishads. Many of his writings bear the evidence of his deep love and respect for the Himalayas and the scriptures.

He has published a book of short stories KHONJ EBONG ONNANYO GOLPO, a book of poems EKA KUASHAY, a book of rhymes EKLA PAKHI O ONNANYO CHORA and two novels CHARAIBETI and ALEEK, all in vernacular. Besides, he has published a mammoth three-volume non-fiction photo-essay as an e-book in English on Bengal temples, AN INTRODUCTION OF BENGAL TEMPLES THROUGH THE LENS, a colossal photographic work, which will be a treasure for interested persons for generations to come.

CHARAIBETI was his first novel, which deals with a rare and somewhat taboo subject like impotency in a very unusual way. The book hit the best seller list twice. His second novel ALEEK deals with an avant-garde subject with an insight to a greater philosophy.

His next photo-essay AN INTRODUCTION OF BENGAL TEMPLES THROUGH THE LENS is an extensive authentic work on Bengal temples.

His travelogue PURNOJATRA on Kumbha Mela written in a fictional form, is an excellent read for those interested in the subject.

He regularly writes articles in English accompanied by excellent photographs on different subjects, which throw lights on India and Indian culture. Many of these writings are published in newspapers of repute like The Statesman.

He is a very popular blog writer and his blogs, which have more than one lakh viewership on different temples and pilgrimage sites are widely read. His articles are regularly published in:


Publications of Ashis Kumar Chatterjee:


Eka Kuashay

An Introduction to Bengal Temples Through The Lens - Volume I, II, III

Ekla Pakhi O Onnanyo Chora



Tapobhumi Tapoboney

Swargarohoner Sandhane

Bahurupe Narmada

Pandav Prosthaner Pothe


Soumyadeep Ray.
The average man, with his different weaknesses &ordinary middle class beliefs— this is a story about the most common figure of modern society. Modernity, with its aids and maladies wraps around us, becoming our second skin. In addition, this is the tale of that one modern social malady that changed Soumyadeep’s life forever.

Damaged psychologically by a childhood sexual molestation, Soumyadeep had developed sexual impotency, a crippling physical handicap that always followed him like a cruel & evil monster, which devoured his normal life & compelled him to start his long journey to the quest of the eternal truth of life.

Thus we encounter the elevation of a commoner to the heights of tragic grandeur, in struggling against the jeers of society, and moving on... in search of a meaning to life’s experience and finally to self-hood.

Ashis Kumar Chatterjee, in his saga of ordinary human occurrence, unfolds an extra-ordinary view of issues, beliefs and life itself, where he follows the doctrine of moving on to the eternal enlightenment. Charaibeti, which literally means “moving on”, thus mirrors the ultimate truth of existence, tranquillity and pure happiness.

-by Agnimita Chatterjee

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