Essentials of Microbiology by Srilekha Raha

Essentials of Microbiology
Essentials of Microbiology
by Srilekha Raha 

Textbook, English
Hardbound, 256 Pages, 620 gms
About: science, microbiology, biotechnology

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Biotechnology is a fast- expanding subject. Learning the subject by students, coming from varied backgrounds of Botany, Zoology, Life Sciences, is a real challenge. The classical Textbooks, with their mere size and volume, are enough to scare the students of Biotechnology, who have to cover many other equally important topics in the strict time frame of the Semester systems.

There is always a need for good books, other than the Textbooks and Reference books, which can facilitate learning the subject well within the least available time.

Dr Srilekha Raha had been in the teaching profession for more than 38 years. In the last phase of her career, she was the visiting Professor of Biotechnology Department in Techno India University, Salt Lake, Kolkata. Teaching Microbiology to students of Biotechnology in the limited timeframe of the Semester system is a real challenge for the teaching faculty. Dr Raha has written the book after taking care of the students’ need as well as the constraints faced by them.

The Book has been written in an extremely lucid fashion, while simultaneously keeping in mind the need for an in-depth as well as thorough appreciation of this highly advanced subject. All students of Biotechnology, whether studying at B.Sc, B.Tech or M.Sc level, will find this Book extremely helpful as well as the most rewarding one. A few of the tables and diagrams were adopted from the famous book on Microbiology by Prescott et al, CAMPBELL BIOLOGY and A Text Book of Biology by Mitra, Ghosh, Chanda which are gratefully acknowledged.

Dr Atanu Kumar Raha, IFS(Retd)

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Essentials of Microbiology